• 10 Organisations That Support Australian Writers

    Many writers have no connection to the industry. Often, they feel unsure of how to break in to the community or get their work noticed. But there are many organisations that support writers and their work, and provide professional development, alternate publishing pathways, connection to the community and advocacy. These organisations can truly help you get to the next level in your career.

    Even if it seems as though these organisations have a different target market to what you're doing, it is worth sending them an enquiry. Often arts organisations will be able to mould their services around what you need, or provide you with advice on where to find the help you're after.

  • 5 Apps for a Productive Writing Life

    I'm not even going to lie; it has taken me forever to figure out a way to keep my whole life on track, let alone the writing parts. Being able to plan everything in my life has given me the freedom to be able to spend time writing without letting anything else fall by the wayside—not to mention that now I can track writing opportunities, competitions, submission deadlines and goals, and all the books and articles I can't wait to read!

    Here are the 5 'regular' apps that I use all the time, that work together to make my productivity system and keep my professional, personal AND writing lives under control.